On the Sea Comber

The Sea Comber brought us close to all sorts of wildlife. We went to Saint Lazaria bird island where puffins and many other seabirds nest. Bald Eagles were common as were many playful sea otters. One of the highlights of another day was our close approach to a sea lion colony. They covered the rocks, dove into the waters, and their voices carried far into the distance.

The trip back was rather rough and I know that AR would NOT have enjoyed it.

On shore, we enjoyed looking at the waterfalls and clear streams and ponds that were filled with salmon. I found the mushrooms, plants, and flowers to be quite attractive.

The never-ending panorama of spectacular scenery continued as we traveled onward.

Pelican is one of the few remaining boardwalk towns in Alaska. It is a fishing town where the buildings are either built into the hillsides or on stilts. A cannery is the major industry in the town and operates 24 hours a day during the salmon season.

Although we arrived late in the evening, we went to the cannery and asked for a guided tour. The workers looked more than a little perplexed, but a college student who was working there for the summer showed us around.

Salmon roe is a great delicacy and was destined for Japan. Only native-born Japanese were allowed to pack it.

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